About Us

BraggingRights.live is a new social gaming platform.

Bragging Rights, Inc. is not just another gaming platform; it's a revolutionary social ecosystem engineered to amplify your gaming journey. Designed with the modern gamer in mind, we aim to create a premier space for safe, fun, and competitive gameplay. Our platform effortlessly syncs with well-known gaming APIs to ensure fair and consistent outcomes. But what truly sets us apart is our unique, pending patented ranking system. This feature transforms casual players into competitive enthusiasts, offering a pathway to professional sponsorships through Bragging Rights Agency Services. Further enriching the user experience, we leverage gamification elements via social media integrations. This allows you to challenge friends and competitors alike, elevating your skills and rank by going head-to-head with more experienced players. Experience the next level of gaming with Bragging Rights, Inc.

Our Team

Scott Davis - BraggingRights.live Chairman/ President/ Co-Founder

Scott Davis

Chairman/ President/ Co-Founder
Cory Finding - BraggingRights.live Chief Evangelist Officer/ Co-Founder

Cory Finding

Chief Evangelist Officer/ Co-Founder
Joe Romano - BraggingRights.live COO

Joe Romano

Ryan Snyder - BraggingRights.live CTO

Ryan Snyder

Russ Kern - BraggingRights.live VP, Digital Assets

Russ Kern

VP, Digital Assets